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We currently display hyperlinks (data label) in blue and data in black.  Drill down is done by clicking on the data label.   When the cursor hover on top of the the label,  the orientation change from normal to underline. 

Is the above standard bad?  How can we improve on this?


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I've given this some thought in the past when I was more focused on Web design, but haven't thought about this enough recently to give an expert opinion. Currently, I focus on displays of quantitiatve information. Perhaps one of the others who participate in this discussion forum has an expert opinion to share, however.

Take care,


Stephen Few

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For me, I want a hyperlink that is obvious w/o being obnoxious.  A different color or underlined and a different color are fine and typical for web pages.  Don't go for the 'whiz-bang' fancy stuff.  Yeah, it's neat looking the first couple of times and I'm sure the programmer behind it thinks it's ubber-cool but then it gets old...even annoying.


What you are currently doing sounds fine.  Hyperlinks are consistent and obvious (blue).  The underline on mouse-over can go either way (don't do it/do it) but it does give confirmation that the blue text is a hyperlink because it becomes underlined.

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