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Just saw this and thought it was some good visual narrative:


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Cool. Reminded me of this comment from Ben Jones' blog post from the recent Tapestry conference, about putting data in context. 

Key Point #3: Context is the key to understanding
Nigel Holmes brilliantly illustrated the power of context by asking two demonstrators to hold a 29 foot string across the front of the room in order to help us understand just how far Bob Beamon jumped in the Olympics in 1968. His point: we more fully grasped the magnitude of Beamon’s feat because we saw the distance in relationship to something else – the room we were sitting in (and how far Nigel himself was able to jump). Likewise, an infographic that shows the Queen Mary flipped upright and positioned next to famous buildings like the Empire State Building works because it takes the Queen Mary out of its original context – the harbor – and puts it into a different one – the city. We understand the size of the ship in a whole new way, and we feel enlightened as a result.

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