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Thanks, pga217. Never too late to make a comment...
Assuming that you were proposing to use a different hue (e.g., blue, purple, brown, etc.) for the small bars in the "macro" graph, I'd hesitate to do so since the presence of more than one hue in a graph usually indicates that there's more than one data series in the graph, which isn't the case here (all values are part of a single data series). Also, with the magnified inset solution, I think that the arrangement of the graphs shows the relationship between the two graphs sufficiently clearly, although only a proper user test would tell us that with any kind of certainty.
If I were forced to go with a side-by-side or a stacked arrangement in, for the example, a situation where the visualizations were being generated dynamically in a dashboard, I might slightly alter the intensity of the shorter bars in the "macro" graph by, for example, making them a slightly higher-intensity green than the longer bars, and then making all of the bars in the "micro" graph that same, higher-intensity green. I'd need to mock it up to see if doing so would introduce ambiguity, however.

Nick Desbarats
Sr. Educator and Consultant, Perceptual Edge

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Nick - Yes, your last paragraph is just what I would do.  Pick a different hue, perhaps a higher intensity, and show that same color in the micro view.  I understand your comment about a second color in a graph indicating something out of the data set. But I think that's only when you have one graph.  Having the two side-by-side makes the colors a pretty easy trail for the viewer to follow.  And title blocks will nail it all down.

Yes, I do like the micro view inside the macro graph but it takes a bit more artistry.  The side-by-side is very user friendly.

Thank you for your perspective.  You guys are the best!
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