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I have a table which displays:
1. The top five criteria customers use in order to decide which company to buy from ("drivers") - first column.

2. The customers opinion how well the companies in the market live up to those "drivers". Column 2-7. The percentage indicates how many customers think that the company provides the "driver". Example: Out of 100 people, 45 think that Company A delivers on "Driver 1", but only 4 think that Company F delivers on the same driver.

Customer driverCompany ACompany BCompany CCompany DCompany ECompany F
Driver 145%48%26%26%18%4%
Driver 243%25%32%51%45%4%
Driver 327%34%0%2%15%34%
Driver 435%20%32%18%22%20%
Driver 531%33%2%19%3%18%

How would you visualize this? The goal is to visualize each driver and how the companies compare to each other for that driver. For each driver I especially want to emphasize the top three companies.

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Maybe like in this example?


and somehow highlighting the top three for each driver?

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Yes, something like the example above should work.
Stephen Few

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We talk about the data in terms of medals.

The company with the highest score on a driver gets a gold medal for that driver, the second highest gets silver and the third highest gets bronze.

How do you suggest incorporating that? Maybe changing color of the bars for the three highest on each driver into gold/silver/bronze or perhaps adding medal icons next to the bars?

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medal icons next to the bars

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I would add the icon either to the left of the company name, or in a new column to the right of the 'Overall' column.

I would also sort the data to have the highest rank at the top.
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