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I am creating a few scenarios on what our revenue will be based on four variables with three different outcomes. For each combination I will calculate expected sales e.g. High product quality / Mid Sales Commission / Low marketing budget / Slow time to market = 10 MUSD sales.

How would you visualize this? There are 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 297 combinations. (I use other variables in my calculation which are very sector specific but I think these are easier to understand)

I want to highlight 3-4 scenarios to draw attention to the scenarios which are of most interest.

Product qualityMid
Sales CommissionMid
Marketing budgetMid
Time to marketMid



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Peter, not sure that I understand what you are doing ...

It looks like you're measuring net revenue where each Quality * Commission * Budget * Time combination produces a certain USD amount. If I have that correct, then I would calculate all combinations and plot the USD results in a descending order horizontal bar chart. To reduce the chart size, combinations that fall below required revenue could be plotted on one chart and those that meet or exceed on another.

Whatever it is that you come up with, please share your results.

Bill Droogendyk

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I think you are trying to display a simplified version of a multivariate analysis.
It was not clear for me that you have one or several revenue results for the same combination, my comment is based on the assumption that you have no more than one for each combination.

The fact you have only one variable as result and discrete values for a small amount of input variables you might consider Bill suggestion, a sorted horizontal bar chart. However I would enrich each bar (in label information area) with a parallel plot like single sparkline connecting the values for each variables of the current combination, where values can be conventionally considered 0=low, 1=mid, 2=high.

If you want to focus only on first few combinations, I would also try to design a parallel plot connecting variables conventional values (0=low, 1=mid, 2=high) with revenue value. I would also use a sequential color palette, with the most intense color connected to the highest revenue.
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