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We have four main products. I have a table which shows how many customers have purchased a specific combination of the products e.g. Product A + Product C.

The table looks like this: where 1 indicates that the customer has purchased the product. 90 000 customers have purchased only product A. 74 000 have purchased only product B. 22 000 hare purchased product A and Product B.

Product AProduct BProduct CProduct DNumber of customers
100090 000
010074 000
001044 000
000134 000
110022 000
111016 000
011014 000
101013 000
10015 000
11113 000
11012 000
01011 440

Is there a good way to illustrate this visually?

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Whenever someone shows me a simple table such as this and asks how it could be displayed more visually, I first ask if doing so would provide any real benefit. In this case it would. For example, replacing the zeros and ones that you're using to identify the products that are included in the customer counts would make the table more efficient to read. Also, displaying the numbers of customers in a visual way would make is easier to rapidly see how these values differ relative to one another. The example below illustrates one way that this could be done. I created this example using Excel. The bars are displayed as "data bars."

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Stephen Few

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