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Hello there :)

I am looking for input about a request for a means to display some data.

The proposed method of displaying the 'robustness' of the data was this:

In a bar or column graph that ranks a set of elements (say, as a series of percentages), the thickness of each bar or column would indicate the relative robustness of the data on which those percentages are based. For instance, if one model of car had a better safety record than another, it would have a higher column, but if its safety record were based on half as many tests as the other car, its column would be half as thick.

It sounds like a terrible idea to me, but I am not sure what the best alternatives might be.

A second bar chart to the right of the original displaying number of tests is where I am leaning now.



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A more statistically robust method to present the data might include confidence limits (error bars) for the end point values for each of the bars.  These limits, by definition, include the effect of sample size and allow for a direct comparison of differences. 

Bill Droogendyk
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