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I just stumbled across this amazing site created by an info vis/web design company named, Periscopic.

The way they've mashed up maps, bubble plots, sparklines, lists, and constellation graphs is really incredible. Just about everything can be clicked or moused-over to get additional data or explanations. And the ability to select one thing, and then select others and have them compared along any measure is really cool and informative.

I know this group isn't shy about comments. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Far too much unnecessary-- and slow-- Flash, pointless fade effects (also slow, when I want to get on with reading and navigating), and an unfortunate decision to use anti-aliased bitmaps for headline text, that doesn't work well at zoom levels other than 100%.

I also experienced a frustrating moment of interface fail when I clicked on the text inside yellow bordered rectangles that bear words like "BLIP", and nothing happened. The rectangles don't appear in an appropriate place to be titles, and don't carry enough content to be explanatory text. They instead say "I am an interactive element", but turn out to be promising an affordance they do not deliver.

If I was looking for someone to design an application for me, I would worry that the designers of this web site would not be able to produce something comfortable to the eye, attractive to the user, and fast and practical in use.
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