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Anyone have recommendations for software to create treemaps?  Am currently evaluating several options and have tried:
  • Hive Group/Honeycomb
  • Panopticon EX Designer
  • Magnaview
I know many offer thin client/web solutions but I would prefer a local copy on my PC where I can own and control the data.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi Brianna,

I've tried Hive and Panopticon. I found Panopticon to be much easier to use compared to Hive, plus, Panopticon has many more great viz tools beyond treemaps and their treemaps are very functional (easy to control drill down levels, etc) and customizeable. You can run Panopticon's software on your pc, no problem.

In fairness to Hive, I last tried them about 2 years ago. At the time I spent over 4 hours with their tech person on the phone just trying to install their product on a pc. When Panopticon's install took < 3 minutes from install to use, I never saw a reason to look back.

This is the first time I've heard of magnaview, but their website displays some cringe-inducing visualizations.

Good luck!


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Hello Brianna,

I used Fabrice Rimlinger's free excel addin. It more straightforward that the commercial solution available. For my purpose it was sufficient and works really easy.
The solution works fine if you have 1 dimension that determines the size of the 'boxes'. With highlighting options you can colour any box to a specific colour on a second variable. And if you make it more interactive you can colour on more variables as well.
For examples look into http://sparklines-excel.blogspot.com/

Good luck,



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