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We work with a lot of folks in pharma and I want to guide them on best practices.  Below is an example of what we see in their presentations.  Can you provide insight on how to make this graph/image better?
Pharmaceutical Trial.png 

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90% of the improvements that I would make to this display would involve

1) removing all of the silly 3D effects, shiny surfaces, and reflections

2) removing the unnecessary graphic arrows and icons. All of the yellow and orange arrows of multiple sizes are not needed - a simple line from the time line to the explanation of the event is all that is needed.

3) remove unneeded instances of all of the different types of red everywhere. red or other saturated colors should be used only to highlight specific important elements

4) move each type of event into its own 'swim lane', so that it is easy to glance across and find each instance of a report, each instance of a patient related event, etc.

In short, the biggest problem with this chart is the clutter - both in the form of extraneous and distracting graphics and graphic effects and colors, and in the overall layout of elements.

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