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I am a big fan of the blog and discussion forum here and respect your opinions in regards to data visualization.  I recently wrote a post on my blog about one example where “tasty” graphs are more prevalent compared to data-rich or effective graphs.  There was another post that looked at who was going to bump Tiger Woods from the number one ranking that also chose the visually appealing graphic route.


It’s no surprise that these types of graphs appeal to the average person because they look cool.  I’ve seen it with executives that are not analytically astute.  My question is do you try to sway folks away from products like Xcelsius and go with something simple and effective, but may not be “tasty”?  From reading IDD, I would think Steve's answer is yes.


Keep up the great work!




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This qualifies for a nice map, with the two axes being Appeal vs. Effectiveness.  We could scale both say from 0-100 points, so (100,100) would be the perfect map.  If we can establish a relevant/accurate list of criteria for both attributes (maybe with weight factors), we are able to compare solutions and to come to some kind of objective standard (insofar that is possible at all). Any ideas?

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