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I want to improve my applications display of interactive tables of items that have both currency and non-currency numerical attributes. Since most of the currency values will be in millions or more and the non-currency values will rarely exceed 1000, I want to put the currency symbol and any reduction in significant digits in the table legend.  Will that work well? i.e. if I put US currencies in a table legend as "US currencies expressed in thousands" but do not divide the non-currency numbers by a thousand do I lose intuitiveness?

Here is an example of the current table. We have a global customer base but only one currency would be displayed at a time i.e. all tables have the same currency. We also have an open question on whether $ symbols need a space after them and before the first digit. Any design improvement suggestions appreciated.

Note that the label cutoff is an intentional default since this table is interactive and the column width can be changed, column order changed, etc.

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- Chris


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Based on your description, as long as you clearly indicate that all currency figures are expressed in a particular way such as thousands or millions, I don't think this will lead to confusion. It wouldn't make sense to express your much smaller non-currency figures in the same way. It might lead to confusion if you expressed different currency figures in different ways (e.g., some to whole dollars, some as thousands, and some as millions), especially if your audience needs to compare them, but expressing all currency figures in the same manner and expressing non-currency figures differently should work fine.

Stephen Few

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Nicely done.

I would only put the currency symbol in the column title. Repeating it in every cell is redundant clutter.
While a table does allow for precise values, I would report in thousands, to the nearest thousand, unless the extra precision is needed by the audience.

I don't know if there's a standard for spacing around the currency symbol.  I think common practice is without the space following.

Bill Droogendyk
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