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Hi, i have recently finished reading "now you see it" and found it very helpful :) Im just wondering about strip plots in excel 2010.  I followed steve's instructions on p227 para 2 but dont seem to be able to get it working.  Has anyone had any success with this type of graph in excel?

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Hi westcm -- see the screenshot below that shows how I managed to create the strip plot in excel 2007. I tried following Stephen's brief "instructions" on pg 227 (i.e. associate a single dataset with the x-axis), but the data did not plot correctly for me either. So, I ended up creating a Y data set equal to 1 for each x-axis data point. It's an extra step that feels a bit clunky, but it works.

(Afterwards, I played with formatting the chart to look similar to the example in the book.)


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Hi Pete, thanks so much for ur advice - much appreciated. I gave it a go and it worked well. Thanks again :)


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Hi Guys,

What I said in Now You See It about creating strip plots in Excel weren't meant to be step-by-step instructions. I always hesitate to provide instructions because changes in the software make them obsolete. The method that Pete described is exactly the method that I use.

Stephen Few
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