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Hi All, this is my first post in the forum - so I hope this is the right topic.  I also did some searches and couldn't find this answer, so I hope I'm not repeating something already asked.

We have just been upgraded to Excel 2010, and were excited to have the use of sparklines now.  However, we were trying to publish a dashboard in a webpage format (for aesthetics, and to easily prevent access to the base data), but the sparklines do not appear, we just see blank cells (but 'normal' graphs do, as does the rest of the formatting and data).

I tried changing the 'show hidden data' settings in case that was a problem (the data was on a separate tab that wasn't being published - but the same issue occurs when both were being published).  I've fiddled with all the settings that I could think of, with no luck.  The sparklines appear when the page is converted to PDF (which may have to be the way we publish in the end, though it doesn't look as good), and I also tried the camera tool, but I can't make it look the way I would like.

Has anyone else had this problem and have you been able to resolve it?  Thanks in advance for your help.

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I'm a program manager on the Microsoft Excel team who worked on the sparkline feature in Excel 2010.  The "webpage format" is a very old file format which doesn't get much use in Excel.  Several releases ago, we made the decision to not save out new features to this file format.  As such, sparklines are not saved out to the web page format (.html).  However, this capability has been replaced by Excel Services which runs as part of Skydrive (http://www.skydrive.com).  By creating an account on Skydrive and then uploading your Excel file to your account, you will be able to render the sparkline online.


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Hmm, interesting, so we can no longer use this for confidential information. Do tiny versions of regular charts still work ok?
Peter Robinson
in Brisbane, Australia
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