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I like to update my chart on "worldwide CO2 emissions" which I created in a variwide chart type. The last version was done in Excel which was a headache. Is there better software available for this kind of chart. The sample chart is here: http://tomschulz.name/2009/worldwide-co2-emissions/

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I think you would be better served by two charts: One for CO2 emissions per capita (all bars the same width) and another for total emissions.  Placing the two charts in proximity to one another would help readers to see (more easily) the dilution effect that large populations have on per capita emissions.  Highly industrialized countries appear to be the worst in the current display.  This may not be the case from a total emissions perspective.  The pollution problem is one of emissions, not necessarily emissions per person. Comparing the size of e.g. the USA rectangle with the China rectangle is not easily done - in fact, to do so with any amount of precision is downright tedious.

Look elsewhere on this site for Cleveland's Graphical Features Hierarchy.  Area comparisons are low on the list. 


Bill Droogendyk

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Hi Thomas,

Bill is exactly right. People can't make visual area comparisons accurately, so you shouldn't make people try. Two horizontal bar graphs would display this data more accurately. Place one next to the other and sort the bars in the same order (either based on total emissions or per capita emissions) so that both bars for each country are lined up in a row.

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