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Hello Stephen.

I'd like to share this example of (what I think is) a visual narrative from the Financial Times of London.

It has to do with the recent banning of short-sales in stockmarkets around the world.

What I like about it is that it manages to present what is probably a dry subject to most people outside the industry (and quite a few within I should imagine) informatively and elegantly.

I've had to try to describe and analyse the issue over the last week (I work for a securities regulator) and found it a challenge - until I saw this.


Attila Emam

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Hello Attila,

Thanks for pointing out this example. I must admit, however, that this visual narrative by the Financial Times of London did not clarify the topic for me. The map serves as a means of navigating from country to country to read what each country has done, but the map itself communicates little. The line chart requires more of an explanation for someone like me, with no real knowledge of short selling and little knowledge of the stock market.

The fact that this display works for you and not for me illustrates the fact that there is no one right way to communicate to everyone. Stories must be crafted to speak to a particular audience with a particular level of prior knowledge of the topic.


Stephen Few
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