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I'm curious if anyone has considered the elements of dashboard design that are present in something non-business related, such as mlb.com's "gameday live" product.

As a recent convert to much of Stephen's ideas, I find myself constantly evaluating everything from company presentations to various websites for the elements of good dashboard design.

I have only utilized this feature of mlb.com's website on a few occasions, but I think there are some very interesting applications of technology here that would transfer well into the world of dashboard design. Take a few moments and check it out. Be sure to mouse over several areas of the screen. You'll be surprised how much data is being presented in such a small amount of real estate.


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I just noticed that no one has responded to your inquiry. Perhaps no one who participates in this discussion forum is a baseball fan, or it's possible that those who tried to look at MLB.com's Gameday Live product couldn't find it easily. I just looked for it and came up empty.

Stephen Few

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Mr. Few,
Thanks for the response. My guess is now that the season is over, the "gameday live" area is no longer active. I knew this wasn't the typical subject matter of the message boards, so I wasn't expecting much of a response.

Thanks again,

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I've done a little graphical experimentation with some MLB data ...

I can share you my top-level interface (interactive map), but the drilldown
links go to URLs on our internal web which you won't be able to view
(these URLs dynamically launch various analyses, and then show the
graphical results):


Although I can't share the actual data/graphs, I'll describe what some of
them are like ...

When you click on a baseball icon, it grabs the data for that team,
and then does a series of boxplots, showing the attendance plotted
against several other things, such as ...

attendance -vs- day-of-week
attendance -vs- month   (I saw some interesting trends here)
attendance -vs- year     (interesting jumps, when larger stadiums built)
attendance -vs- day/night game
attendance -vs- number-of-wins     "everybody likes a winning team"  ;)
attendance -vs- number-of-losses

And on the box plots, I had an "alternate view" link you could click
to see the same data plotted as a "radar chart", showing the selected
team's data plotted along with the industry average of all the teams.

This probably isn't quite the kind of MLB data you're talking about,
but just thought I'd share since it's the only baseball-related
graphics I've got :)

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