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Is it me, or have some people gone 'map crazy'? 
I have people jumping up and down because they have the ability to show a choropleth of sales by region (think 'continent').
I may be wrong, but i thought the purpose of a map was to add insight to the information.  Showing a world map with 5 colored regions doesn't seem all that insightful to me. Is the implication that people consuming this don't know WHERE North America is in relation to South America?

Even worse, they will create a map with a small bubble or pie chart(*sigh*), again by 'continent', as if adding the visual information that "Europe is over there' and 'South America is down there' is valuable.

Are you seeing this same kind of behavior?


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This is an unfortunate result of our current technocentric focus. Give someone the ability to do something with a tool and they'll do it, whether they understand how to do it effectively and meaningfully or not. Yes, I see more ineffective than effective uses of geospatial visualizations. This was relatively rare when geospatial visualization capabilities were only available in specalized tools because those who used them were generally trained in GIS. Now that just about any software that can produce charts can produce geospatial displays, most geospatial visualizations are produced by people who haven't taken the time to develop the required skills. They don't even realize that they need to develop skills. They assume that if they know how to make a map appear with data on i, that's the only skill that's needed.

Stephen Few
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