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Here is an interesting graph about the difference in opinion between scientist and the general public. It can be improved, but I like the following:

- Simple and quick to understand.

- Ranking, the issue with biggest difference on top.

- Visually see how positive (%) both the public and scientist are.

- Rough visual estimate of the difference between public and scientist.

- Different colour on the dots for scientist and general public.

- Able to drill down on the results by clicking a issue.



- Better scale on the axis.

- The “drill down” data does not supply any more data (just a ridiculous bar chart).

- The numbers are too bold.

- Different color between the points depending on whether the scientist or general public is most positive.

- Some of the topics isn’t very well defined, so it’s hard to know exactly what question was asked in the survey.



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I agree that this graph works well, assuming that you only need to make rough visual comparisons of the differences between the opinions of scientists and the general public. Despite the relatively good design of this graph, I agree that your suggestions would improve it.

Stephen Few
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