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Hi Folks,

If you have experience with Altosoft BI software (www.altosoft.com), I'd love to chat with you and hear your thoughts, good or bad, about their products specific to software setup and training, dashboarding, data management, automation and security.

And yes, I have seen the demo on their website, and yes, I did notice the 3d pie chart, and multi colored for almost no reason bars in the bar chart. My eyes are open to the fact that the way they present their software to people who care about 'showing the data' may not be great. I've seen newer demos that are much better than the one on their site, so I'm hopeful that their presentation layer is improved.

Feel free to private message me on this site.


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Your posting caught my eye and I wanted to "reach out" with a quick comment at I incorporate Altosoft's products in my products and services and my clients and prospects love what they can do, what they can see, and how they can see it. I deal primarily with financial services firms and the come to the table with deserved skepticism...but they always leave impressed. I should also add at the Altosoft team is solid and supportive.

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Oh yeah, love to connect through a private message!

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Hi John,

We (at Crossvale) have worked with Altosoft for a while now, after a thorough tech eval, and I'd be glad to provide some feedback.  I'll give you the cons first, coz I think it would be quicker this way.

The cons:
  1. Runs on .NET, and my preference leans to Linux
  2. The featureset available to the end user (the dashboard users) is so comprehensive, you have to plan for effort and skill beyond designing a dashboard, and actually "restrict" capability for the user.  Otherwise, it can be overwhelming for most managers we've delivered it to (not every manager *should* be a power user).  You have to realize that the dashboards are VERY interactive, with tons of built in slice/dice/pivot etc capability.
  3. Since you brought it up, they could easily produce a much improved demo on their site.
  4. This last one is half-full, half-empty: there are many ways to skin a cat.  Personally, I prefer these types of tools because after you gain initial competence, you can flexibly expand into more fancy scenarios. But initially, some may find the multitude of options a tad of a struggle.
The pros:
  1. Setup is fairly straightforward, both on a desktop or server/cloud, with common DBs (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL).  Been a while since I've had enterprise software install quickly and smoothly.
  2. While you need to bring/develop your own metrics and UI design savvy, the product training was thorough from knowledgeable practitioners.
  3. A big deal to us was an extensible architecture, which Altosoft has (for data sources, security integration, and events)
  4. Authentication is easily delegated to AD and SSO (it can be stand-alone, but we integrate into enterprise systems, so the AD & SSO was essential)
  5. Role-based authorization is fine grained for configuration, design, and filtering/redaction (this was key for our deployed governance and data access)
  6. The dashboard designer is exhaustive, in fact the best I've seen when you include the event model for linking related widgets and controls. (note my con #2 above about purposely restricting capabilities for the dashboard users)
  7. The data/metrics configuration is equally exhaustive, and we haven't run into a situation we couldn't crack yet. Lots of control of exactly what data to pull, how often, etc.  Love the fact there's no real "mirrored" warehouse created just to allow the BI.
  8. As another commenter said, the support team is solid.
I'm going to stop, coz I think I'm turning into a commercial here.  I will say there's a competent startup mindset out there for a few products.  I chose Altosoft coz I found it in them.


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