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From the:
The Main Street Economist
Agricultural and Rural Analysis
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (Issue 5, 2013)


I found Chart 5 and Chart 6 (On pages 5 and 6) very confusing.

Current Ratios for U.S. Corn Producers by Age (Chart 5) has different years showing.  From reading the text I think the first group is and average from 1996 to 2006 and the second group is 2012.  I guess the bar width means the percentage in that group, that you need to reference the key to identify. The number on the top of the bar is not the height of the bar, but rather relates to the width.

I'm not sure what story the Kansas City Fed is trying to tell with those graphs but I sure didn't get it.


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You see this approach frighteningly often. 
It's just another manifestation of the "we need to fit every metric on one plot" mentality the leads so many people down the wrong path.

The legend and labeling setups just compound the problem.

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