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Hi all,

I have an issue I’d like to raise in this forum, bounce it off your collective expertise.

I’ve been doing user research in the area of sales and marketing. My conviction is that interactive data visualizations could make a sales force more productive. The problem is how to SHOW this.

In order to get designs funded and implemented, have any of you ever had to demonstrate the business value of information visualization? What did you do? This is one area where I’m not finding much out there. There have been plenty of studies on infovis from a cog psych perspective, but what about its ROI?



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I'm not aware of a single study that has ever been done to quantify the monetary benefits of data visualization. Even for business intelligence (BI) in general, a few organizations have tried to measure the Return On Investment (ROI) of their own BI programs, but I'm not aware of any studies that can be relied on as credible that have done this.

I think it would be difficult to measure the benefits in sales force productivity that are related to interactive data visualization in particular rather than data visualization in general. Many of the potential benefits of data visualization could be provided by static visualizations that are distributed to the sales force.

Stephen Few

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Hi Charles,

Calculating ROI of any investment in terms of capital gain out of it is very difficult and specially when you are trying to estimate ROI for any BI project.

BI enables any organization to have the meaningful insights of data handy in forms of reports and dashboards. The value to the insights within the reports is completely dependent on how it is helping you to drive any business decisions and strategies.

I thinks you will need to create some business use cases/scenarios and identify some analysis in forms of Visualizations and showcase how that can help in getting insights and information which will enable to make business decisions and strategies.

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