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I am trying to find out best way to visualize drug pipeline for a large pharma company. Most of the examples I have seen are text box stacks for each phase (see this: http://www.shire.com/shireplc/en/rd/pipeline and http://www.novartis.com/innovation/research-development/clinical-pipeline/index.shtml)  Big pharma companies could have dozens of drugs in each phase. We want to create a effective visualization that shows the number of drugs and their names in each phase, and add more features such as:
1. How does the pipeline looks against goals that were set at the beginning of the year
2. What transitions happened since last event e.g. investor call
3. Are there any delays/accelerations in the pipeline (measured against the goals)

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This is a fairly vague question so far.
How to visualize such data will depend on a lot of factors, and seemingly will require a variety of methods.

 * Seeing some kind of visual of what you have in mind or what you have tried, and an indication of how exactly this information will be used will all be helpful.

 * Knowing what events would trigger a transition, and how important that event and that transition are to the data and its use is important to understand as well.

 * Delays/Accelerations will need to be defined

Right away you talk about wanting to see counts per category vs predetermined goals - this sounds like a prime use for a bullet graph ( http://www.perceptualedge.com/articles/misc/Bullet_Graph_Design_Spec.pdf )

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