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Hi All,

While on Linkedin I noticed that Brian O'Keefe, the President of Panopticon Americas, recently started his own Visualization software company named EzViz. After checking out EzViz, I thought this group would be interested in hearing a little about this new Viz software provider.

First, though, a little history.

Panopticon has received favorable reviews over the years from Stephen Few, here and here, and for good reason. They are one of the few BI vendors who provide their users with a high-quality and limited graphset. Their software also ties all the graphs together in a way that lets their users subset or filter a population on one chart and instantly see the changes in other charts (dynamic filtering). They also provide decent dashboarding (I hesitate to use that word in this context  because their "dashboards" are interactive) capabilities. So I had pretty high expectations for EzViz.

Some of the promising things about EzViz are:

  1. Pricing
  2. A limited set of graph types (treemap, barseries, scatterplot (example below), bar graph), which is good. Think of the harm Excel has done by offering so many chart alternatives with poor defaults.
  3. Ease of installation. Quick to get up and running. Unfortunately, their demo download links are broken so I haven't been able to test the software.
Some of the not so good things about EzViz are:
  1. They give their users the ability to create really bad pie charts (example below). I don't understand this at all. EzViz has got a great treemap chart they could use to show the same data, why present it using the wrong chart type?
  2. The traffic lighting icons they use to "enhance" their treemaps are a bit baffling, distracting, and ugly.

It'll be interesting to see the ways that EzViz differs from the offering from Panopticon. If anyone on this board has used EzViz it would be nice to hear from you.


John Munoz

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