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Hello, I would be happy if you can help me: does anyone know of research or generally what should be the direction of the graph of languages that write from right to left. I think it must be left to right as numbers, but I see more and more examples of the opposite, and I can't find proof that it should be left to right.  Can I hear your opinion?


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Typically, we display time running horizontally from left to right because this fits how people in most of the world think of time when it is represented spatially. What isn't clear, however, is if this is a result of how most people read (i.e., left to right) or is more fundamentally built into our brains. I am not aware of any research that has attempted to answer this question.

Stephen Few

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How "intuitive" data visualization was born.
I did a little research last week. Since I could not find studies about graphs direction in RTL languages , I asked all those who published graphs from right to left, on the basis of what they did it. I asked an Israeli designer and he said he had seen it on Google Analytics, Google Analytics turned me to Facebook, Facebook turned me to large software companies. One of them said that they just turned the display with all letters and graphs, the other one turned me to Don Norman's book. Don Norman said that he asked his Israeli friends .... By the way this is true for most of misuse in data visualization.
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