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Not sure what category to put this under, but I guess since you might use it to help find "good" graphs, I'll post it here...

I recently heard that Google would let you specify an image, and it will search for similar images.  I guess they probably originally intended it for photos, but I tried it with some dashboard/graph images, and was impressed by what Google can do:

Go to  http://images.google.com/

In the search box, click the little 'camera' glyph/icon.

Then tell it what image to search for (you can use a url, or upload an image).

I used the url for the png image of one of my "Stephen Few dashboard implementations"...


The results were impressively accurate, imho :)


Best guess for this image: stephen few dashboard
followed by a link to the perceptualedge website.
followed by a link to the Information Dashboard Design book.
followed by links to several versions of this (and similar) dashboard images.

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