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Series of line graphs that shows global warming and possible causes.

Nothing fancy, but a beautifully executed set of line graphs of large data set and comparison of several parameters including uncertainty.

Interactive on a computer, but the static version on my mobile was also really well made. Maybe even better than the slightly interactive one, as it really did a great job of guiding the reader through the arguments.




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Assuming that the data is correct, this is indeed well done. Despite the simplicity of the line graphs, this is engaging because the data is engaging. The design of the display gives the data a clear voice without distraction.

For those of you who are just now reading this, make sure that you follow the link to see the original display that appears at Bloomberg. The static image above must be seen in context.

Stephen Few

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Graphic looks very clear, following step by step story does a great job as well.
A big plus for using confidence bands, even if this statistical method is not familiar for every audience.

A few words caught my attention : "ModelE2 complexity is about 500k lines of code". For those they do not program and have no clue how a program is brought to life, this is highly complex job requiring specialists in climate and statistical analysis, besides skilled programmers. 

I am not saying that behind every graph should be such of tremendous work, but for sure this project is a good example of what means serious analysis and how effective can be resumed such of complex job in a set of beautiful, clear pictures.
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