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Hi folks,

We're looking to create some moderately interactive reports and dashboards that need to be displayed and interacted with on a tablet (likely an Android tablet).

The thing is, I've not yet seen any packages that allow you to create truly finger friendly, drillable dashboards / reports very easily. Are there any good ones out there?


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I'v created some proof-of-concept dashboards with SAS/Graph.  And while they don't focus on drilldown (because in most cases I didn't really have any data to "drill down" to), you can definitely have data-driven drilldowns to URLs and such.  Any bar segment, pie slice, geographical map area, or even custom annotated areas can have a URL drilldown.

Here's one example - you can click on each graph to drill-down and see the current stock prices for that stock:


Here's a link to my other attempts at creating dashboards that would fit on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet.


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Bit late to this one but I would point you in the direction of ShinobiControls: http://www.shinobicontrols.com/

Although their focus is mainly iOS at the moment, there is a beta of their charts for Android.  If you can ignore the over-emphasis on shiny nonsense in the marketing materials you will discover some lovely interactive controls designed specifically for touch.  Out of the box you get zooming, panning, data tips and all that kind of fun and with relatively little effort you can produce some very engaging and powerful data visualisation apps.

In the interests of transparency I should point out that I work for ShinobiControls' parent company.  However, I do not have a strong association with them, as they are fed up of me shouting at them whenever they decide to introduce features and controls simply because (potential) customers want them rather than because they follow good data visualisation practice.
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