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Came upon this infographic showing Facebook's default privacy changes over time.  I think it is very effective in telling the story.
Wondering what others think?


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Do you really think this is a good way to present this information? Can you easily use it to make the necessary comparisons? Can you think of any reason why this should be displayed in circular form rather than linear form, such as a bar graph? You might find my next article titled "Our Irresistible Fascination With All Things Circular" interesting, which will be published next week.

Stephen Few

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The farther you get from the center, the more area (square inches of color) each colored section has ... does this change in size correspond to a larger number of people who can see your photos, etc (in a loose/approximate way)?

In my opinion, this takes the worst features of a pie chart, and adds to them one more dimension of "badness" (ie, at least pie wedges are proportional, but which you add these 'rings' to the pie, and the farther from the center the more square-inches of color you see ... that could really bias the visual perception.)


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The initial author himself acknowledges the problems with the data. My intuition tells me that graphs with height comparisons and log scale do not work well together, because we can't compare heights in log can anyone in here confirm this?



The audience scale is logarithmic, so that we can compare audience sizes of 100 and 1 billion. I also did a big no-no and mapped the audience size to the length of the slice, not its area. I don't feel too terrible about this, because the area comparison is already distorted by the log scale. Plus, frankly, the linear scale just looks better.

I built this sketch using Processing.js. You're welcome to download the source. Sorry, no Internet Explorer.

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