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I discovered this ridiculousness today. This is a graphic (via a Power BI custom visual) that according to the description
"tells a story through making your data simple, fun and engaging. It can be used in various situations like a dashboard screen in a room where everyone can see it and notice changes day to day and empathise with the data to rally efforts"

Larger fish = larger numbers.
Fish floating upside down = negative numbers. I pointed a few of these out in the image with arrows.

I've been a long time fan of Stephen's work and made my account for this board today - simply to share the silliest chart I think I've ever seen.


"What if I told you...
outliers provide rich opportunity for improvement"

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Displays of this type are sometimes refered to as ambient information displays. They are silly and ineffective, but cute in a way that appeals to children. The notion is that one can acquire a great deal of information from a display such as this without without actually having to pay attention, just by having it there in the periphery of their vision. In truth, the information that you can acquire from a display such as this is minimal, even when you give it your full attention.
Stephen Few
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