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Interaction between two variables should be displayed as a scatter plot ...
Bill Droogendyk

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There really is no need to use dual-scale charts to show relationships between disparate data.  In fact you shouldn't, as they are often misleading - intersections in charts stand out as significant, but in dual-scale charts they are only a result of how you plotted the data and the ranges you chose for the axes, not due to the data itself.  They are at best a distraction, at worst the cause of bad business decisions.

I always recommend plotting two charts, one directly over the other, with one shared X axis.  This way, you can easily see meaningful interactions between the two datasets (how each affects the other), but aren't misled by meaningless interactions (intersections).


Wouldn't there be three variables?  Dual-scale charts are usually 1 X and 2 Y.

Of course, if the X-axis is ordinal, you'd be right.
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