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I am working on designing a dashboard tool, I have read your book and found it very useful,  thank you.
When I am designing the dashboard, I am struggling to identify the most important data and present it in a way that is easy to consume under dashboard limitations. I am struggling with good data representation and making sure we don't exceed one screen and more.
The problem is that this is a software tool that will be sold to many different organizations each one with slightly different definitions and needs. To be able to address all these needs I have to make the tool configurable, allow the user to slightly change the matrices, add more views and so on. The problem is that I am afraid that once the user starts configuring the tool he will get out of the bounds of good perceptual design and thus reduce the effectiveness of the dashboard.
I would be happy to hear any advice on how to give user the needed control while maintaining good design to the dashboard.


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Unfortunately, you are facing the same challenge that software vendors often face--a need for configurability paired with the risk of ineffective use. In such a situation, the best that you can do is to build nudges into the system (the book Nudge describes this wonderfully) to make it as easy as possible for users to make effective choices and difficult to make bad choices. Another way that you can influence users in the right direction is to provide great examples of effective design. Also, you can provide default templates for various uses of the software. Most people never change the defaults in software, so you help them tremendously if you take the time to make the defaults good.

Aside from these general suggestions, it would be difficult to advise you further without specific information about your application, but this discussion forum isn't the right venue for this level of interaction.

I wish you well.

Stephen Few
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