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I work for a performance management team in a Government Department in the UK and for the last year we have been implementing some data visualisation standards for our performance reports which are based on your research and have been received with great success.

We are now trying to implement these same standards in our business units display walls but some do not transfer well from the PC/document to a wall display.  We are trying different things like A3 size graphs, stronger coloured borders to show dashboard RAG status etc but I was wondering if there was any specific guidance/research you could refer me to which may help?


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I haven't done any actual research into the specific dashboard design requirements for large wall displays. One thing that you've probably already discovered is that, contrary to what most people assume, you can actually show less on a large wall display than on a normal desktop monitor, because of the distance from which the screen is viewed. It is also likely that colors must be a bit bolder than normal for the same reason. I did run across a research paper recently titled "Comparing Usage of a Large High-Resolution Display to Single or Dual Desktop Displays for Daily Work" by some folks at the University of Toronto, which you might find useful.

Stephen Few
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