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I just thought I would share this with the community. It's a spectacular example of what happens when your dashboards are created by a graphic designer. From the article:

“We wanted customers to be able to immerse themselves in the data haystack, and differentiate our product from the current security user interface experience,” said Chasin, ProtectWise’s CEO. Chasin and his co-founder, Gene Stevens, both “liked the movie Tron: Legacy” so they asked the movie’s animated graphics designer, Jake Sargeant, 36, to spend time in Denver, Colorado, where the company is based, to come up with an interface that was akin to Tron’s “Grid.” 


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They're very pretty...

Whether or not they are particularly useful is a harder question to answer, as I don't know what they are supposed to telling the user.

But they appear to focus on large circular displays that don't actually show much information, a lot of hard to read text, and a lot of blips of color that look cool, but...

OTOH, although I am sure that many people involved in building dashboards are not designers, data visualization is very much a design field, and anyone working with any level of significance in the field is by definition a designer.


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Yup- that's exactly my point- they look amazing, but attempting to decipher what half of the visualisations mean is almost impossible. A perfect example of form over function. I thought it would be a good addition to Stephen's examples of what not to do.
Also, point taken on the designer definition- good design should always be clear, simple and intuitive, not just look good.

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I'm not exactly a fun of computer games, so I can not appreciate the dashboards as much as others. 
A few good things about them: very clear font, balanced layout, cute icons (whatever they mean)
For the rest, I just only hope that they will never be up and running. 

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The new dashboard graphics are very beautiful and were probably done by geeks who never drove a car. First we are not users but drivers who look ahead and do not need computer graphics telling you that there is a car ahead. These should have been done to put in the center screen as a menu option. The center of the dashboard is use to show important data about the car. Data that you should read in a quick glance because you should be looking at the road ahead.

Data should include temperature (because up north it is important if there is freezing on the ground) speed, energy conpsumption, time, range, tire pressure (which affect energy consumption and road handling) etc... Putting the temperature on the top of the center screen in small font is not clever.

Please revise this stupid graphics and put something useful and functionnal. Get someone who has driving skill and security in mind to look over the computer geeks. Your product is a car not a video game.   http://www.traininginsholinganallur.in/vmware-training-in-chennai.html  |  http://www.traininginsholinganallur.in/php-training-in-chennai.html

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