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My company has a donut/pie fetish which I've been trying to arrest for some time. Attached is a recent example dashboard design which is actually vastly improved over the current design (which is almost entirely donuts).

I'm about to start on my own attempt to redesign and am looking for some starting suggestions. I'd then like to follow up with my draft redesign.

Is this an appropriate forum?



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Hello Douglas,

It would be easy to suggest better ways to display the information that appears on the existing dashboard, but that would produce a mediocre result, for it assumes that the dashboard contains the right data, which is unlikely. If you're willing to work with me step by step, we can produce a significantly better dashboard, if indeed a dashboard is needed.

I'll begin with a few essential questions.

1) What is the role of those who use this dashboard? For a dashboard to work effectively, it must serve the monitoring needs of a particular role (i.e., a particular job).

2) What specific performance objectives will the dashboard be used to fulfill?

3) How often will the dashboard be used?

4) What does this organization do?

Your answers to these questions will serve as the foundation for many more questions to come. They must be asked and answered in a logical sequence. I promise that, if you work with me, you will learn a great deal and will produce a useful result.

Stephen Few

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Hello, Stephen,

Thank you for your kind response and offer to provide guidance! I will thoughtfully prepare answers to your initial questions, and eagerly look forward to the dialog!


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