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With CNN using 3D donut charts, it's a small wonder that they had trouble making sense of the election results ...


"In the realm of data visualization, we face many challenges that are worth pursuing. Creating an effective radial gauge is not one of them. It is a fool’s errand. Do I strike you as a fool?" - Stephen Few

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We can always count on the news coverage of election results to showcase a great deal of graphical nonsense. This is one of several poor examples. Even though we cannot blame the election of a shyster to the highest political office in the world on bad graphs, perhaps some of the confusion that was caused by poor graphical presentation will convince some of those who defend silly graphs as harmless that this isn't the case.

I didn't see it myself, but I heard that one of the networks displayed realtime presidential election results usings gauges with needles that jumped around like meth addicts. Apparently people were confused and upset by the rapidly shifting advantage of Clinton vs. Trump as the needle bounced back as forth, when in fact the bounciness of the needle wasdesigned into the display to represent uncertainty. It's sad that someone actually thought to clue the public into the uncertainly of the results but represented that uncertainty in a manner that backfired.

Stephen Few
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