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Dear all,

I would appreciate any kind of feedback on our reporting / dashboarding software, from this forum because the topics discussed here greatly influenced on me (and my software). We are now on the strong beta version, of course with lots of ideas for further development. 

We really strive to have a built-in best practices data visualization, to offer clear, easy way to design quality dashboards. No chart junk, they even don't exist in our charts render offering (like 3d etc).
No flashy colors, although they still sell better.

In attachment there one of the latest dashboard screenshots.

Please tell us what you like / don't like on our software look and feel, response, anything.

Thank you!

BusinessQ Sales Performance Analysis.png 
Hrvoje Smolic


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Hello Hrvoje
It looks reasonably appealing to me. I have a few comments from a first glance through it.
1. There are extraneous decimal places on your axes, eg in the item category ranking chart. Do you provide control for the formatting of numbers? The decimal places are distracting and not providing any value when they are all 0 anyway.
2. The Item Category Ranking chart has the labels sideways on the category axis. This chart would be better as a horizontal bar so the labels are easily red. It's good that the categories are able to be sorted descending.
3. The yearly trend sparkline charts have shading under the line. Does the Y axis start at zero? The shading makes it appear that it would start at zero because it's effectively a small area chart. I suspect that the axis does not start at zero so this style could be misleading.
4. How much control do you provide for the display of percentages? The repeated % signs are distracting and un-necessary when the column title says it's a percentage.
5. Also on all the percentages, the extraneous decimal places are often not needed and just messy/distracting. Is the difference between 80.1% and 80.2% really significant? 80 will usually suffice. Oh, I already mentioned the decimal places for axes. This is similar.
6. Similar to the repeated %, the repeated k everywhere is distracting but perhaps useful. Can you drop the k from all the values in a column and have (k) appended on the column header?

Peter Robinson
in Brisbane, Australia

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Hello Peter,
thank you very much for your feedback.
In our software, we do provide control for formatting the numbers, on axis, on tooltips or on data labels should they be visible.
Also, I agree that the Item Category Ranking chart would be better as horizontal bar because of labels. In the case if it was a line chart, we provide option to rotate labels by any degree (-90, 90) for fine-tuning of display.
The yearly trend sparkline charts have shading under the line just because it is small area and we wanted to indicate where the zero-point y is. It begins actually where shading begins.
As for repeated % signs in "Revenue Details" and percentage precision made by out KPI Matrix component, you gave me some ideas how to improve that component.
So thank you again,

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