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A couple of weeks ago, the Microsoft power BI team initiated a contest for people (programmers/developers) to create their own custom visualization that can be added to the power BI app.

Apparently this contest is based on some sort of "people choice" award.  As it stands, the first award goes to a developer that created the custom visual for a bullet graph. That's good news.

The second people's choice award was just announced, however. It goes to the creation of an animated aquarium - what?! http://blogs.msdn.com/b/powerbi/archive/2015/09/24/power-bi-best-visual-contest-2nd-people-s-choice-award.aspx


I'm stupified by it's silliness, and yet the narrator (creator?) of the visual sounds honestly sincere of its application: "Data should be simple and engaging. Data should tell a story at a glance. Data should be FUN! The aquarium is designed to be on a dashboard screen in a room where everyone can see it and notice changes day to day and empathise with the data to rally efforts."

Here's the youtube link that demonstrates this visualization:

It's a good laugh. Hard to believe anyone even came up with the idea.


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The best moment is at about 1:00, when he briefly has to switch back to the donut view he had earlier dismissed as meaningless in order to figure out what was going on with the fish.

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Wait, what? Who on earth would possibly see this as elucidating anything, let alone data? I'm confused, saddened and angry all at the same time...!
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Yup, those fish are crazy-nuts! 

I do like that someone demonstrated how far a developer can go to develop a custom viz for the Power BI product. Would be interesting if someone could develop animation similar to Hans Roling's presentations.

In case anyone wants to see what other custom data viz have been created by other developers for Power BI, Paul Turley's blog has a list. For the most part, their poor visualizations, unfortunately. https://sqlserverbiblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/power-bi-custom-visuals-contest-round-up/

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