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Another bad chart. It's saddening to see yet another really important topic being victim for bad graphics. The shart shows deaths due to antibiotic / antimicrobial resistance. This is bad in so many levels. :-(



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I do not design dashboards containing pie charts, even on request, but I do understand that sometimes they might be suggestive (and somehow useful in some limits).

This "drawing" is not even a pie chart. Once in a while I do the exercise of trying to get into the mind of the designer of bad graphs. This time I totally failed to understand the "circular" sense.

I had no intention to be ironic or so. If the goal of this "creation" was to catch the attention because it looks different, it is very possible it succeeded for certain audience. I just only hope that a global increasing interest in data visualization principles and good practice will eventually filter out such of display.

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It's not trying to be a pie chart - it's a radial (or polar) bar chart.

They are, sadly, all too common.

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Even worse than a regular radar chart, it contains a prediction of increased AMR. But does not include any predictions of the other causes of death or increase in population. And guess that causes of death does not sum to 100% of deaths, so there really are no sense of scale here.
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