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Dark Backgrounds and Color Concerns jhcarrell Graph design 1,139 5
by PeterRobinson
Politics & Social Media jrodriguez Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 1,239 4
by PeterRobinson
Bar Widths and the Spaces in Between bpierce Articles by Stephen Few 1,205 5
by xan
Display Platforms for Quantitative Information bpierce Articles by Stephen Few 1,288 5
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2016 State of Visualization/Dashboard Tools jhcarrell Visual data analysis software 1,091 11
by sfew
Dare to Forgo the Axis jhcarrell Graph design 543 5
by sfew
Visualizing table peter_mikael Graph design 1,039 5
by jlbriggs
Blue ocean strategy canvas peter_mikael Graph design 831 7
by peter_mikael
Information Visualization Research as Pseudo-Science
1 2 3 4 5
bpierce Articles by Stephen Few 7,647 72
by markb101
George Campbell - Bar Graph Gone Wrong jhcarrell Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 789 2
by danz
George Campbell Dual Axis Failure jhcarrell Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 593 1
by danz
How to improve my scatterplot peter_mikael Graph design 418 10
by jlbriggs
Expressing Proportions bpierce Articles by Stephen Few 609 0
by bpierce
Dashboard Design Critique aruns Dashboard design 453 8
by jlbriggs
Fit Models vs. Smoothing Methods sfew Visual data analysis techniques 578 7
by sfew
Visualizing Wide-Variation Data bpierce Articles by Stephen Few 674 13
by Nick_Desbarats
Stacked bar graph to demonstrate 4 features MattC Graph design 365 8
by MattC
Alternative to Marimekko chart peter_mikael Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 418 1
by sfew
Y axis on timeline graphs bella_gotie Graph design 255 2
by jlbriggs
Sankey Diagram wd Visual data analysis techniques 1,504 1
by NTWest
Graph design in RTL langauges bella_gotie Graph design 153 2
by bella_gotie
Applications of the graph selection matrix Damien The book "Show Me the Numbers" 307 2
by Damien
Visualising multiple dimensions
1 2
aruns Graph design 282 16
by aruns
Timeline series for Pharmaceutical Trials angelagregory Graph design 118 1
by jlbriggs
100% Stacked Bar Graphs sfew Graph design 586 11
by sfew