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Stacked bar charts with negative values
1 2
Thorri Graph design 6,593 19
by micahstubbs
XmR Charts and cyclical sales data SteveDevine Articles by Stephen Few 297 3
by danz
How to visualize Spend and Cost Per Transaction nikhilk Graph design 308 7
by wd
US economy deserves better than this danz Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 539 4
by infinite8s
Graph selection eem Graph design 252 5
by sfew
Comparing distributions in nested populations Stuart Graph design 212 3
by danz
Antimicrobial Resistance Anders Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 254 3
by Anders
Displaying alert conditions only gilgongo Dashboard design 768 10
by gilgongo
Gobal warming graphs Anders Examples of good graphs and dashboards 690 2
by danz
Suggestions for Graphing Survey Data
1 2
iwork2ski Graph design 14,370 20
by pzajkowski
Approach for Dashboard Design silvermaster Dashboard design 4,083 8
by jannepyykko
Libraries of little data widgets and making users build their own dashboards BillyPilgrim Dashboard design 438 2
by gilgongo
For the Developers out there - doing Sparklines, Bullet charts, etc. BrahmB New topic proposals 449 1
by sfew
Stem-and-leaf graph in sport results jannepyykko Graph design 574 7
by danz
Horizontal Box Plots efmunoz The book "Show Me the Numbers" 676 2
by Poffes
deviation from mean over time Janusvl Graph design 411 4
by jlbriggs
Radar / Spider Alternative wd Graph design 373 1
by danz
factors to consider for healthcare data visualization aniketwagh Data Visualization for Healthcare 964 4
by sfew
How to visualize transactions per hour peter_mikael Graph design 508 7
by danz
Graph for Pass/Fail Ratio Amb Graph design 443 2
by Amb
slope graph vs area charts beecom99 Graph design 344 3
by danz
How to visualize sensitivity analysis/scenarios peter_mikael Graph design 553 2
by westcm
Horizontal Bar Chart - Aligning Labels rjmorgan The book "Show Me the Numbers" 2,051 7
by rjmorgan
Major Gaps Between the Public, Scientists on Key Issues Anders Examples of good graphs and dashboards 731 1
by sfew
Dual Axis Questions and Thoughts BillMedrano New topic proposals 533 5
by danz