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by xan
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horizon graph: multiple thresholds Matt Graph design 405 3
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Cumulative line chart bella_gotie Graph design 387 6
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Data Visualization Effectiveness Profile bpierce Articles by Stephen Few 726 14
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First letter or number of month jrodriguez Graph design 535 2
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The Visual Perception of Variation in Data Displays bpierce Articles by Stephen Few 954 7
by sfew
Which graph type do you prefer? jrodriguez Graph design 660 11
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Better Matrix Idea
1 2
StatsFella Graph design 849 18
by StatsFella
Enlighten Aquarium does anything but KarenA Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 670 1
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Visualizing scenarios peter_mikael Graph design 621 2
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CNN - Election Night Chart jhcarrell Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 672 1
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60%? heinzel Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 612 9
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death - the ultimate goal bdano1 Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 646 2
by bdano1
CRM Dashboard Critique
1 2 3
jrodriguez Dashboard design 1,455 37
by sfew
Inventory / Process Tracking Dashboard scottreida Dashboard design 643 2
by scottreida
Bar Chart -- how small is too small for color perception. dgennetten Examples of bad graphs and dashboards 910 3
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Comparing multiple time series quetzalc0atl Graph design 918 6
by jlbriggs
Excel Add-Ins (2016) jhcarrell Visual data analysis software 845 1
by quetzalc0atl
YOY change bella_gotie Graph design 767 4
by jhcarrell