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How to Graph with Totals and Subtotals jmunoz 1,662 1
by jlbriggs
mixed text and numbers table design cpagel 952 2
by jlbriggs
Bar/Line Graph Mychele 3,606 6
by Mychele
Date Milestones presentation DaQi 1,834 4
by DaQi
Yang Cai - The Evaluation of Chartjunk in Business Intelligence Applications PaulM 984 1
by sfew
Graph time series with current interval in progress brahn 872 2
by brahn
Time Series: Columns vs Lines Shanktastic 1,036 1
by sfew
Challenging visualization clambdin 1,350 7
by clambdin
bullet graphs for "negative" indicators mlagnero 2,338 9
by sfew
Graphing with large ranges in data whatx3 1,351 8
by whatx3
Big Graphs, for Bigger Data
1 2
grasshopper 2,473 24
by grasshopper
Representing large set of data in graph gchavan 857 3
by gchavan
Plotting Children's Progress
1 2
quetzalc0atl 2,017 16
by danz
Bar charts, temperature and starting from 0. Tim2 2,811 7
by Mlily
Design Example 4 Yuriy 1,420 7
by danz
sometimes high is good, sometimes not healthstatus 878 2
by healthstatus
Web-based bullet graph matprichardson 988 0
by matprichardson
Inforgraphs vs Data Visualization scotteaton 912 0
by scotteaton
A Government Chart Remake OptionExplicitVBA 1,169 3
by Tim2
KPI Graph - Feedback DavidStachon 1,655 10
by danz
xkcd: Heatmap acraft 1,371 4
by acraft
Effective display of line graphs with 5+ lines - help please Carmen 2,692 8
by Carmen
Rolling Quarter Labels wd 938 2
by wd
When there is "nothing left to take away" grasshopper 754 1
by acraft
Alternative to stacked bar charts rhalloran 2,197 1
by Tim2
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