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Graph Design tsanzone 180 5
by tsanzone
graphs for a general audience angeladuckworth 183 2
by sfew
quick comparison steveg 145 4
by steveg
Small Multiples are forbidden odaiskey 210 6
by odaiskey
Placements Per Child Graph gdavey 284 9
by gdavey
Stacked bar charts with negative values
1 2
Thorri 6,506 19
by micahstubbs
How to visualize Spend and Cost Per Transaction nikhilk 305 7
by wd
Graph selection eem 250 5
by sfew
Comparing distributions in nested populations Stuart 211 3
by danz
Suggestions for Graphing Survey Data
1 2
iwork2ski 14,366 20
by pzajkowski
Stem-and-leaf graph in sport results jannepyykko 573 7
by danz
deviation from mean over time Janusvl 411 4
by jlbriggs
Radar / Spider Alternative wd 372 1
by danz
How to visualize transactions per hour peter_mikael 507 7
by danz
Graph for Pass/Fail Ratio Amb 442 2
by Amb
slope graph vs area charts beecom99 344 3
by danz
How to visualize sensitivity analysis/scenarios peter_mikael 548 2
by westcm
Survey comparisons - which alternative RodA 412 0
by RodA
Alternative to harvey balls peter_mikael 2,277 10
by jlbriggs
converting line graph to bar graph anil 777 5
by sfew
Visualizing Middle East politics...yikes. ZJRodman 1,001 14
by jlbriggs
A device for showing web page performance gilgongo 633 2
by gilgongo
Bar of Column charts ColinEberhardt 697 2
by PeterRobinson
Working to Define Best Practices chadcurry 689 5
by sfew
Tesco Kitchen Reviews qopbat 512 0
by qopbat
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