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Web-based bullet graph matprichardson 990 0
by matprichardson
Inforgraphs vs Data Visualization scotteaton 914 0
by scotteaton
A Government Chart Remake OptionExplicitVBA 1,172 3
by Tim2
KPI Graph - Feedback DavidStachon 1,661 10
by danz
xkcd: Heatmap acraft 1,378 4
by acraft
Effective display of line graphs with 5+ lines - help please Carmen 2,758 8
by Carmen
Rolling Quarter Labels wd 939 2
by wd
When there is "nothing left to take away" grasshopper 755 1
by acraft
Alternative to stacked bar charts rhalloran 2,343 1
by Tim2
Adding weights to line charts gchavan 2,085 2
by jlbriggs
Publication-quality Graphics Tim2 1,123 2
by Tim2
Aligning scale for Bullet Graphs Terpfan_Always 1,876 5
by acraft
Question on Sample Graph TheBruce 1,235 3
by sfew
Time Series and Horizontal Bars Matt 930 1
by sfew
Design Example 3 Tim2 1,367 2
by sfew
Survey Graph Help bcgreaf 1,280 4
by jlbriggs
Trended bar charts using SAS mgarret 1,042 2
by mgarret
Alternative to Venn Diagram jmunoz 2,587 4
by sfew
Is this a good use of a circular graph? ColinE 1,865 5
by ColinE
Minor Objections Tim2 1,642 7
by sfew
Designing a Star Trek medical dashboard grasshopper 2,076 0
by grasshopper
When is a stacked bar graph appropriate?
1 2
clambdin 4,660 16
by clambdin
Turnover V Hours Spent jahwookie 1,157 4
by jlbriggs
Critique my Gingrich Wives/Religions Graph jodwilso 1,271 3
by grasshopper
Subdivide (stacked) waterfall with mixed rises and falls Derek_C 2,182 4
by Derek_C
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